Welcoming Wonder

A nature-based Kindergarten program full of wonder and joy.


A Nourishing Harmony of

Spirit & Academics

  • Bi-weekly affirmations, mindfulness techniques, and social/emotional skills for the whole family.
  • Math – 3 activities per week
  • Literacy - 3 activities per week
  • Book Club – 1 main book per week
  • Writing– 1 activity per week
  • Hands at Play (fine motor and child-led art) – 3 activities per week
  • Sensory Play – 2 activities per week
  • Movement Games – 2 activities per week
  • Music (listening or creating their own) – 1 activity per week
  • Practical Life Skill – 1 activity per week
  • Science - 1 activity per week
  • Nature Connection – 1 activity per week (though most activities are geared to use or be done in nature)
  • Dramatic Play – 1 bi-weekly activity
  • Snack Skills – 1 recipe per week
Scope & Sequence


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A Whole-Child Approach

Created to nourish your child's body, heart, and mind.

  • 15 weeks grounding themselves to the earth through connection and healthy relationship to their physical body.

  • 13 weeks on emotional awareness and gaining a friendly relationship with their heart and emotions.

  • 13 weeks connecting to their creativity and growth mindset in their brain.

What customers are saying...

“As I was starting my homeschool journey this year I was overwhelmed, and a bit intimidated by all of the information out there.  I wanted to have a gentle beginning for my child, but also wanted to be sure I was following some guidelines. I felt Wonder Garden had a great mix of what I was looking for. I had a guide to follow but also didn't feel the pressure to do everything if our day didn't dictate that. ”

“Wonder Garden curriculum has been the best thing for my mental health this year! No more long google searches for curriculum.  I had plenty of wonderful activities at my fingertips, and knowing Danielle is a teacher I felt confident in her sequence of activities. My son is loving learning, and I am loving watching him grow. My worry of "teaching him correctly" is gone, and I can just enjoy my days with him.”

"This has been a perfect fit for our homeschool.  Though I have children of different ages many of the activities inside the Wonder Garden curriculum can be used for all of them. I wish this was around for my two oldest. I have told all of my friends about this program!”

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  • 41 weeks of curriculum¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† (mid-August to May)
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  • 41 weeks of curriculum¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† (mid-August to May)
  • Homeschool planning guide & printable
  • Bi-weekly supply lists, book suggestions,¬†&¬† 1-page overview for quick reference
  • 10% off everything in¬†the¬†store

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  • 1 month of curriculum
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