Here is the scope and sequence of the Welcoming Wonder curriculum! This curriculum is designed to captivate and engage learners of all ages.

The Welcoming Wonder curriculum puts your child at the center of the learning process. They will actively participate, collaborate with others, express their thoughts, and develop critical thinking skills. Whether they are conducting hands-on science experiments, creating inspiring art projects, or participating in lively group discussions, the curriculum ensures a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

The math and literacy sections show a simple overview of the topics covered. 

When it comes to math, get ready for an interactive and practical approach that will make numbers come alive for your child. From counting and basic operations to geometry and data analysis, your child will master fundamental math concepts through stimulating games, puzzles, and real-life applications. Say goodbye to dry textbooks and hello to engaging math challenges that will foster a love for numbers and problem-solving.

In the literacy section, your child will embark on a journey of imagination and discovery through captivating stories and engaging activities. They will be introduced to the joy of reading, explore letters and sounds, and begin to recognize sight words. Through interactive storytelling, creative arts and crafts, and playful games, they will build a strong foundation in literacy skills, fostering a love for reading and storytelling.