Woodland Wonder

A nature-based Preschool program full of wonder and joy.


Nourishing Harmony of

Spirit & Academics

  • Bi-weekly affirmations, mindfulness techniques, and social/emotional skills for the whole family.
  • Math Sense – 2 activities per week
  • Literacy - 2 activities per week
  • Book Club – 1 main book per week
  • Fingerplay – 1 per week
  • Hands at Play (fine motor and child-led art) – 2 activities per week
  • Sensory Play – 2 activities per week
  • Movement Games – 2 activities per week
  • Music (listening or creating their own) – 1 activity per week
  • Practical Life Skill – 1 activity bi-weekly
  • Science - 1 activity per week
  • Nature Connection – 1 activity per week (though most activities are geared to use or be done in nature)
  • Dramatic Play – 1 activity per week
  • Snack Skills – 1 recipe per week


A Whole-Child Approach

Created to nourish your child's body, heart, and mind.

  • 15 weeks grounding themselves to the earth through connection and healthy relationship to their physical body.

  • 13 weeks on emotional awareness and gaining a friendly relationship with their heart and emotions.

  • 13 weeks connecting to their creativity and growth mindset in their brain.


Take a Peek Inside

the Curriculum 

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What customers are saying...

“I am a public school teacher who has always felt the dissonance between what current neuroscience research says is highly beneficial for children and what is actually practiced in schools. When becoming a parent I wanted an approach to education that facilitated and supported my child. This is where finding Wonder Garden was magical!”

“I like the Wonder Garden approach and find solumn comfort in it because it's wholistic and more in tune with a multifaceted approach vs one solitary ideology!”

"This has been a perfect fit for our homeschool.  Though I have children of different ages many of the activities inside the Wonder Garden curriculum can be used for all of them. I wish this was around for my two oldest. I have told all of my friends about his program!”

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  • 41 weeks of curriculum          (mid-August to May)
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  • 41 weeks of curriculum          (mid-August to May)
  • Homeschool planning guide & printable
  • Bi-weekly supply lists, book suggestions, &  1-page overview for quick reference
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  • 1 month of curriculum
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