Introducing the First Grade Scope and Sequence of the Walking in Wonder Curriculum! This carefully crafted curriculum is designed to captivate and engage young learners as they embark on their educational journey.

In the Walking in Wonder curriculum, your child takes center stage in the learning process. They will actively participate, collaborate with peers, express their ideas, and develop critical thinking skills. Through hands-on science experiments, inspiring art projects, and lively group discussions, our curriculum creates a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Let's explore the math and literacy sections, which provide a simple overview of the topics covered in first grade.


Get ready for an interactive and practical approach that brings numbers to life! From counting and basic operations to geometry and data analysis, your child will master fundamental math concepts through stimulating games, puzzles, and real-life applications. Say goodbye to dry textbooks and hello to engaging math challenges that foster a love for numbers and problem-solving.


Book Study: Dive into the enchanting world of literature through engaging book studies. Your child will explore a variety of age-appropriate books, fostering comprehension, critical thinking, and a love for reading. They will analyze characters, discuss themes, and make connections, developing their literary analysis skills.

Language and Grammar: Strengthen language skills through interactive activities that enhance vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. Your child will learn to express themselves clearly and effectively, gaining confidence in verbal and written communication.

Phonological Awareness: Foster early reading skills with a focus on phonological awareness. Your child will develop an understanding of sounds, syllables, and phonemic patterns through engaging exercises and games. This foundation in phonics will support their reading fluency and decoding skills.

Writing: Cultivate your child's writing abilities as they explore various genres, such as narratives, descriptive writing, and informational texts. They will practice organizing ideas, constructing coherent sentences, and developing their unique writing voice. Creative prompts and collaborative writing activities will spark their imagination and ignite a passion for storytelling.